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The City of Coachella, one of the fastest growing cities in Southern California. It is a family oriented city with a rich cultural heritage. The fast pace of residential growth has become a beacon for attracting new businesses. The Chamber’s mission is to support new and existing businesses, community services and cultural events. Welcome to Coachella – small town atmosphere with big city advantages.

Eye on Business

The Coachella Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Desert Security services is launching a Security Co-op.  This Co-op is designed to secure and protect businesses in the city of Coachella and within surrounding areas. This security co-op will consist of an armed security patrol officer patrolling your business at a minimum of two (2) times per night.


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  • The Coachella Chamber Mission

    The Coachella Chamber of Commerce is an association of businesses dedicated to promoting, supporting and enhancing business prosperity, civic vitality and quality of life.

    At the Coachella Chamber of Commerce, through the strong voice of hundreds of businesses, we work together to strengthen our local economy and promote the community.

    The Coachella Chamber of Commerce offers numerous networking opportunities to introduce your company to potential clients or customers and gain access to ideas or products that save money and increase your bottom line.

    Coachella Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping local companies grow their businesses so that the economy will grow for all businesses.